Bronze Chariots and Horses

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    In December 1980, two bronze chariots and horses were found 20 meters west to Qin's mausoleum. They were originally enclosed in a wooden coffin and buried in a burial pit seven meters deep. When unearthed, the bronze chariots and horses were seriously damaged into thousands of pieces due to the collapse of the decayed coffin and the earthen layers. With the following two and half years of painstaking work, the two sets of bronze chariots and horses were finally restored and started displaying to the public on October 1,1983.

    One after another, each of the large painted bronze chariot is a single shaft, driven by an imperial charioteer and drawn by four horses.They were modeled after the real chariot, horse and driver, but half size. It seems that the chariots and horses were the deluxe sedans served for the Fist Emperor in his afterlife tours.

    The two chariots and horses played different roles in the journey. The front chariot was called “High Chariot”. Standing on the chariot, the charioteer was equipped with crossbows, arrow and shields, which shows that he was employed as both a charioteer and a security guard.

    The followed chariot, which was for the emperor himself, is called “Safe Chariot”. In the deluxe compartment, there designed windows with small holes for ventilation and a back door for getting on and off. All the windows and doors can still close and open easily. Over the chariot, there poles an elliptical umbrella as a canopy. The chariot was color painted against a white background with more than 1,500 pieces of silver and gold and other ornaments, looking luxurious, splendid and graceful.        



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